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Creating Engaging YouTube Video Collage

Javascript, Programming2 min read



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Merging videos and presenting them in a collage format is an incredibly fascinating endeavor. In this blog post, we'll explore the process of downloading YouTube videos and combining them into a captivating collage using JavaScript and Node.js.

1. Installing Required Libraries

Start by installing ytdl-core and fluent-ffmpeg to download and process YouTube videos. Additionally, we'll use fs and path modules for file and path manipulation.

2. Setting Up Directories

Configure the directories to store downloaded and processed videos.

3. Creating a List of YouTube Video URLs

Compile a list of URLs for YouTube videos to download.

4. Writing the Video Download and Processing Function

Utilize ytdl-core to download YouTube videos and fluent-ffmpeg to combine them into a collage.

The following is the detailed content of the downloadAndProcessVideos() function

4-1. YouTube Video Download

  • Collects information asynchronously for each YouTube video in the youtubeVideoURLs array.
  • Uses ytdl.getInfo(url) to retrieve video information.
  • Filters video and audio using ytdl(url, { filter: 'audioandvideo' }) and saves it as a file.
  • Returns a Promise containing video information and stream upon completion.

4-2. Setting Up ffmpeg and Adding Videos to Collage

  • Waits for all video downloads to complete using Promise.all.
  • Configures ffmpeg and ffprobe path if you have get error.
  • Adds each video stream to ffmpegCommand.input.

4-3. Combining Videos into Collage Format

  • Constructs a filter graph to combine videos into a collage. Breaking it down step by step:
    • nullsrc=size=640x480 [base];: Creates a blank canvas with a size of 640x480 pixels, referred to as base.
    • [0:v] setpts=PTS-STARTPTS, scale=320x240 [upperleft];: Takes the first video stream ([0:v]), adjusts the presentation timestamps, scales it to 320x240 pixels, and labels it as upperleft.
    • [1:v] setpts=PTS-STARTPTS, scale=320x240 [upperright];: Similar to the previous step, processes the second video stream and labels it as upperright.
    • [2:v] setpts=PTS-STARTPTS, scale=320x240 [lowerleft];: Processes the third video stream and labels it as lowerleft.
    • [3:v] setpts=PTS-STARTPTS, scale=320x240 [lowerright];: Processes the fourth video stream and labels it as lowerright.
    • [base][upperleft] overlay=shortest=1 [tmp1];: Overlays the blank canvas (base) with the upperleft video stream and labels the result as tmp1.
    • [tmp1][upperright] overlay=shortest=1:x=320 [tmp2];: Further overlays tmp1 with the upperright video stream, offsetting it by 320 pixels horizontally, and labels the result as tmp2.
    • [tmp2][lowerleft] overlay=shortest=1:y=240 [tmp3];: Continues the overlay process, this time offsetting tmp2 by 240 pixels vertically, and labels the result as tmp3.
    • [tmp3][lowerright] overlay=shortest=1:x=320:y=240 [v];: Finally, overlays tmp3 with the lowerright video stream, offsetting it both horizontally and vertically, and labels the result as v.
    • [0:a][1:a]amerge[a1];, [a1][2:a]amerge[a2];, [a2][3:a]amerge[a];: Merges the audio streams of the input videos into a single audio stream.
    This filter graph orchestrates the arrangement and overlaying of the four video streams into a grid pattern, creating a visually appealing collage effect. The audio streams are also appropriately merged for a unified audio output.
  • Uses ffmpegCommand.complexFilter to set up the filter graph.
  • Sets map options for video and audio with outputOptions.
  • Generates the final video file using ffmpegCommand.output.

5. Initiating Video Download and Processing

Invoke the function to download and process the videos.

6. Final Code

Combining all the steps, the final code looks like this:

7. Run it

Now, let's run the command to execute the script:

This command will trigger the Node.js script (index.js - whatever you have) and start the process of downloading, processing, and creating the final video collage. Keep an eye on the console for progress updates and the Processing finished! message, indicating the successful completion of the task. Enjoy creating your video collage!


Now, with the provided code, you can download YouTube videos and create unique collage videos. Add your desired YouTube video URLs, execute the script, and enjoy crafting distinctive video collages!

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