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How to Find IP Addresses Causing Traffic Spikes on Nginx Web Servers

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Nginx is one of the preferred web servers for many web developers. However, sometimes web servers can experience excessive traffic. In such cases, analyzing traffic from specific IP addresses becomes crucial. In this article, let's explore how to find IP addresses causing traffic spikes on Nginx web servers.

1. Check the Access Log File

By default, Nginx stores access logs in /var/log/nginx/access.log. Open this file to review request details.

2. Review Requests from Specific IP Addresses

To check the number of requests from a specific IP address, use the following command.

3. Identify Top Traffic-Generating IP Addresses

To identify IP addresses generating the most traffic, execute the following command.

This command extracts IP addresses from the access log, counts the number of requests for each IP address, and displays the top IP addresses in descending order of request frequency.

Following these steps, you can easily pinpoint IP addresses causing traffic spikes on your Nginx web servers.

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