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Nginx Reverse Proxy and Vite Server Performance Boost

DevOps, Server1 min read


Let's dive into how to enhance the page loading speed in the browser by configuring Nginx as a reverse proxy and optimizing the Vite server. If you're experiencing sluggish page loading, tweaking a few settings can make a world of difference.

1. Nginx Reverse Proxy Setup

1.1 Adjusting Connection Timeout

Check Nginx's proxy_connect_timeout and proxy_timeout settings. If these values are set too low, your connection to the remote server might be slowing things down.

1.2 Playing with HTTP Version and Cache Bypass

2. Vite Server Tuning

2.1 Verify Vite Server Mode

Check the current execution mode of your Vite server. Performance can lag in development mode, so consider running the server in production mode or review Vite's performance-related settings.

3. Additional Optimizations

3.1 Activating Gzip Compression

Enable Gzip compression in Nginx to improve transmission speed.

3.2 Enabling Caching

Utilize Nginx caching for swift handling of requests for static resources.

Wrapping Up

After adjusting these settings and restarting Nginx, if issues persist, consider checking server resources, network problems, and other potential factors. Applying these configurations thoughtfully should result in an improved page loading speed. For more details, refer to the official documentation.

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