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Resolving "Filename is too long" Error when Pushing to Git on Windows

DevOps1 min read


Hello! Today, I'll guide you through resolving the "Filename is too long" error that may occur when pushing to Git on Windows. This error arises when Git fails to recognize overly long file names. Follow the steps below to address this issue.

1. Check Git Configuration

Firstly, verify that your Git configuration allows for longer file names. Open Git Bash and input the following command:

2. Shorten File Paths

Windows file paths can become lengthy. To resolve this, simplify the folder structure or relocate the project to a shorter path.

3. Use Git LFS

Git Large File Storage (LFS) efficiently manages large files. Install Git LFS and manage large files in your project with LFS to prevent errors.

4. Configure Gitignore

Use a .gitignore file to instruct Git to ignore specific files or folders. Exclude files with long names or unnecessary files using this configuration.

5. Update to Windows 10 Build 1607 or Later

For Windows 10, versions 1607 and above have alleviated issues related to long file names. Apply the latest updates to check if this resolves the problem.

Now, try these steps one by one. If one doesn't work, consider combining multiple methods. If the issue persists, feel free to leave a comment or reach out. Best of luck!

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